Purchasing a Kumo

There are two ways to go about getting your hands on a Kumo frameset:

1: The RADdonneur production frame:

The RADdonneur is the result of several years, and over 30,000km of prototyping and testing and is my take on a fast, tough and versatile backcountry machine. Batches of RADdonneurs will be produced throughout the year and can be purchased from my webshop after they have been built and are ready for your choice of paint colour and a few other options. Note, there are no pre-orders on RADdos, keep an eye on my Instagram and sign up for my mailing list to make sure you don't miss out! More info in the webshop.

2: Custom Kumo:

If you love my previous builds and are after something bespoke, please email me for details and a quote. Custom frames by their nature are a longer term project with lead times starting at about 6 months. My preferred method of building is to provide a complete built bike specced with high end and perfectly matched components. 

Please note, taking on custom orders is at my own discretion.