K-Lite Bikepacker ULTRA


K-Lite Bikepacker ULTRA


You remember the scene in 2001, A Space Odyssey where the Monolith appears, possibly representing the dawn of humanity, or maybe it foretold of the total social control that the iPhone was to have over mankind?

Well replace that Monolith in your mind’s eye with the looming black presence of the new K-Lite Ultra light, presenting the birth of the next age of dynamo lighting!

Tested by bikepackers and endurance racers worldwide, this light is nothing short of amazing. Excellent shaped optics give a brilliant beam pattern, the light kicks in a low speeds and comes in two beam patterns, MTB/Snow for a wider softer beam, or Gravel/Road for a punching bright high beam.

The tech from Kerry:

Ultra wide beam (Snow / MTB version) 2x Flood optics 1x Spot optic

Ultra high LUX ( Gravel / Road version) 2x Spot optics 1x Flood optic

Cree LEDs

1300lm output

Auto high beam

Standlite / Camp light

SquareTECH optics (made for trail riding not flashlights)

100%  Waterproof / Vibration proof (internally  potted)

135g / 4.7oz

**pre-production version in limited number**

**Some cosmetic defects exist on case body, this version has a 3d printed case**

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